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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  February 23, 2013 8:30am-9:00am PST

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progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you. >> we are back. battling the high graz prices. >> i wish i bought this stock
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a while go. it does cell phone towers and broadcast stations. solid growth and here in the united states and new mexico and india. pricey >> bill, emac would never have to worry about gas prices with that stock. >> she would be up around 10,000 percent. that is too late and expensive. >> there is it a lot of oil and well companies. this makes a profit. >> you like that. >> i do. it girates on acquisition and may be a target. don't buy it as it is moving up. you may be overpaying. >> that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful weekend. the number one block continues with cashin'. >> serving up mr. ed.
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>> food inspectors could find themselves out of work. >> what about the food, and fur lows and air traffic controllers and food inspectors. >> impacting the people who work in the food staste. >> you think we are eating horse meat? our gang said cut it out. what is on our plate is fine. what we are about to pay for is is finer. hack attack. we owe china money but does that mean they own our back bone. carbin' in is kicking off right now. >> hi, everyone. i am jiry willis in for eric boling. our carbin' in jew. wayne, and johnathon and gary and margey . it is a pleasure to have with us former massachusetts republican senator and fox
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contributor scott brown. where is the beef? it is it heading higher. 10 percent higher and at a time when people's paychecks are shrink that is not good news. instead of lawmakers serving up scare tactics on spending cuts, shouldn't they be focused on giving shoppers a break. >> scott? >> if you look at the super markets and business owners are not going to pass that off to the consumers is a mistake and then you throw in the scare tactics and it is going to lead to higher costs. they need to stop with the scare tactics and get down to business. >> johnathon, look at the numbers. ground beef and up 13.4 percent and families caint take that, can they. >> no, we are talking about jerry, inflation. it is it caused by government and the artificial expansion
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of the money supply to support all of that deficit spinding. prices go up and the value of people's savings go down and hurts the economy and devastating to poor folks and folks on a fixed income and both pears are guilty of this . goods that cost a thousand buckings cost 13,000 -- $1300 >> wayne, what do you say? >> i agree with him. with the treasury selling an enormous amount of dibit, 70 or 80 percent of the treasury bills and bonds that are sold and brought by the federal reserve. the public doesn't understand that. but that is what is happening. that is inflation that kills us all at some point in time. the problem with food prices, isified . that means both chicken and beef suffer as a result.
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when a farmer's cost go up, he will pass it on to the consumer and the consumers pays more. >> i see that happen. gary what do you say is that critically important. >> for a family of four every dime counts and when they are sitting at the table, everything matters and looking at the checkbook, john thown is it right. the fed is printing money and we are seeing inflation. i am worried about the hyper inflation. >> and margey, what do you say? >> i have gone around the country and talked to walmart moms and they express concern about making their dollar stretch and that's true when prices are going up. that is been stable for the last few years. they are thinking of how much gas to go to the cheaper grocery store and where they're going to have to cut
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back in they buy for the kids that. is it a rile concern that americans feel and they want to make sure in washington we are hearing the concerns and speaking the language that demonstrates and understands those concerns. >> back to johnathon here. i cut you autopsy and i am back to you now. >> if government allowed it to be. energy is it an obvious example. prices for energy los angeles gone up. the pie sick we saw in the 70s and 80s was born in the policy was ford, carter and nixon and administration's prior . we need more get tough congress people . on a sound fo. and that could have rams for
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gdp . it is like piggings on a trough and we are going to keep spending number two, families are geting smarter and go on coupon sites and shopping for the daily flyers . they're adjusting and adapting. and that is broadiver economic problems? >> and they accounted issue more food stamps . know. but the price . we are going to have late. >> you can say that.
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and margey, >> i do i want want to tighten my belt and stee inflation. is this a big problem. it is sequester cuts. and then i think you are having a problem. that was the biggest bang for the buck. and gary, gary. and this is putting food on the table in the end of the day. >> by itself. it is not going to kill the economy. it is adding gas and pay roll tax.
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family makes 60 grand. add it together and that is it an economy killer. >> last word to you, wayne. you get one more word here. >> and the only word is, one i said before. it is there but just a question of facing it sigh -- you will see it in beef and chicken prices. i don't know how people deal with it. and coming up. can we crack down on china hacking us if we are . see the and even more jobs.
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america's number-one security company? i wish i had adt. i'm glad we had adt. [ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. >> helie, everybody. i am uma in washington and the clock is ticking to the friday deadline and lawmakers are struggling to hammer out a bill . avoid the the automatic spending cuttings . ? states like virginia, officials say it is devastating . we'll ask rob whitman about the impact. gov knov in washington is saying not to worry about the nuclear tanks . update coming at the top of the air and chair bound
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toddler. and that is caught on videotape . we'll have the reaction live on america's news headquarters. at the top . hour, that's next. >> and now without a back bone. u.s. talking about getting tough with china over the dozen cyber attacks it is accused of waging. it is all talk so far. hack stenograph a serious threat. and this prove the fact that we owe china so much money is our biggest threat. johnathon, get at it? >> the debt is a threat no matter who we owe it to. why we don't have a back bone with china when it comes to hacking. we haven't had a back bone with the military threats from iran. i am not sure prized. we should have a type to stand up and say it is a violation
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of intellectual property and the united states will not stand for it when it comes to the computers. it hurts china more than anyone. no wealth will be created. >> and scott, it our debt making us weak. >> if we didn't have a debt. we would be in a different situation and less hesitation . one. ranking members in the armed services in home land we have discussed it you have the military interest and government interest and the private citizens and the report was damaging. the time for talking is and we need to draw a line sand. >> wayne, is the time for talking over.
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>> attacks are going to take place regardless. follow-up have a computer and you are communitying you can be. that is it a given. the stuff that the administration is talking about are going to do something about it it is bull. it cannot. you can't stop and it is going to happen and you better get used to. you can't community . you are going to community because commuters are going to community . you are not going to do anything about the hacking and all of the talk is it ranting and raving. it has nothing to do with the real problem. >> so do nothing? >> wait, wait, wait. it is important that the administration is going to do something but it is unimpressive. write a nast i letter to the chinese government, gary? >> intellectual property theft cost 9$8 billion in 2009. it is it a lot more in this point in time.
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this can affect all kinds of industry, who knows what they will go after next? but again. what are you going to do and who you you are going to prosecute. i think you hack them and zap them twice as hard. >> margery are you hacking them back. >> the president mentioned it in the state of the union . released a strategy report and you have the attorney general talking about it and companies that benefited from the hacking . you have signed executive orders that stounds like a lot. >> waren, what do you say? >> it doesn't mean anything. it is it useless. he's pretending. of course he takes it seriously. we all do. and they are hacking us. what are you to do. ghairy - gari is it -- gary is right.
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he is just posturing. (talking all at once.) >> johnathon. >> that's the end of it. >> it is it like slippage per a retail store. china is trampling all over the america property rights for years going back to the boot leg dvd's and cd. a robber will never be rich stealing from those they -- >> jerry, bottom line you have a lot of individual companies like ping and private enterprizeses, it is it a huge market to obvious lie - obviously start with individual opportunity . putting in the appropriate updated fire walls and technology and it is it going to start at home to be able to protect and push back. is the administration going to do something? i am more concerned about the
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military technology that want chinese are geting from us and using against us and dealing with our grid and natural resources and turning them around it is it the next front yir. it is cyber security. >> i hate to be china and up against you guys. i really appreciate it who said you are out of work? you can't still hit the jackpot? now you can see. as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy,
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>> employers telling the
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unemployed don't bother applying. new york is pushing to give jobless applican to sue. gary said the laws will back fire on everybody. gar? >> it is it a blanket law and affecting all business and costs are going to go up. and it is my business. and i want to know why. this is plain sustidity. the mayor is saming the same thing. and he's unimpeachable . making one dollar a year . hype's govorning an ungovable if i have an employer i have
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the write to . everybody. scott is a senator is that he is get elected again. why should that make difference. >> all right. scott go ahead. >> wayne thank you, i am a fan of yours toad. -- too. >> and mayor bloomburg, i agree with. the employee should have a right to inquire. have you done retraining or part-time or hustling to get employed or do i want to hire the person that is hungry and lawsuits and early christmas present for plaintiff lawyers. i feel they will not hire. >> angie? >> i can appreciate the concern about small businesses. i run a small business. i don't want to face lawsuits.
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lot of voters support is carrot than stickings. incourage them to employ. you have folks that are chronically unemployed and how do you get pathem back in the works force. >> is that the way it workings, john thown. >> it is it in the business owner's best interest they will hire them. they have the right to disinate. it is it a slow term for judgment . you need to have judgment. especially about to wane's point you want to invest your own money and hire and laws like this are an insult to man's mind and an individual to grow his business . hire the person with the best. >> and leave everybody alone and enough of the mandates and
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forget it >> forget it >> jerry, we have a lot of those incent itches in place. and that is up to tax cret to hire veterans is one factor that the employer has the right to know to determine someone behohustles and represents their interest in the best way or someone who is doing nothing. >> amm states have done it differently. you can't discriminate and if you do, we'll come after you with a fine. >> no, it doesn't make things. and out of work for the last three yearings. if you don't, you are an idiot. >> and thank you, guys and thanks to scott brown and marge rye omera . coming up first healthcare . voters giving lawmakers an
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